Gua-sha stone for face rose quartz

Gua-sha stone is designed to massage the face to detoxify, reduce wrinkles, remove skin inequality and circles under the eyes and eliminate red veins. Regular gua-sha massage can replace invasive facelift interventions in the face. Massage also relieves the tension of the facial muscles and blood circulation to the skin.

Rose quartz is a natural stone that awakens emotion and femininity and is also considered a stone of heart and love.

** Use **: Apply serum or SMYSSLY to your facial skin and massage it from the skin with simple stone strokes and light pressure from the center of the face using the stone. On the chin we pull the stone from the center of the chin to the sled towards the ear where we change direction and pull down the neck. This move is important to eliminate accumulated toxins in the skin.

After use, reddening of the skin may occur, which is caused by blood circulation. This disappears after a while and the skin color becomes unified.

** Tip: ** To remove circles and cams under the eyes, store the stone in the freezer for a few minutes before using it.

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